Starting the Year with Information Technology at DePauw – Fall 2015 #AnnounceIT

Welcome back as we begin this new academic year.

I wanted to take a moment to provide some quick tips from the Information Services team, offer updates about IT projects that are underway, and summarize highlights of some other more-detailed emails that you will also receive over the next few days.

Topics in the following include:

  1. Keeping in touch with IT at DePauw
  2. Information Security – Watch Out for Phishing and Activate Google 2-Step Authentication
  3. Wireless Network Updates – DePauwSecure and DePauwGuest
  4. Technology Classrooms Updates – Overhead Transparency Projectors & VCRs have been removed
  5. About Windows 10 – Let it pass for now

If you have any questions about these (or any other IT-related projects), please don’t hesitate to contact me at

Have a great start of the semester!

— Carol.

Carol L. Smith ‘85, CIO
Information Services, @DePauwIT

 1. Keeping in touch with IT at DePauw – Connections and Resources

The HelpDesk – The Help Desk provides technical support services to students, faculty and staff members in the DePauw campus community.

The IT KnowledgeBase  – The KnowledgeBase provides a broad collection of online IT support instructions and downloads, particularly focused around DePauw-specific technology resources (e.g., for questions like “How do I change my e-Services password?”, “Where can I download the antivirus software?”, or “How do I connect to wireless?”)

HelpDesk Status Hotline – Available 24×7, includes a blog, Twitter feed (@DePauwIT), and phone number (x6666) to provide notices about IT-related service announcements, known system issues, and other useful IT tips.

Information Services Blog – Provides periodic articles about DePauw IT updates and Information Services activities, aimed at the whole DePauw community.

University IT Policies – University IT policies and procedures

Laptop Service Depot  – Certified technicians provide laptop repairs for students and other walk-in customers. There is no charge for parts and labor if the work is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty; non-warranty repairs and services are available for a modest fee. Located at Eli’s Books.

Atomic Learning – A variety of online IT tutorials and help resources through our campus subscription. Log in at with your DePauw Account username and password.

2. Information Security – Watch Out for Phishing and Activate Google 2-Step Authentication

Watch out for Phishing

Phishing (or spoofing) is a form of spam in which the recipient is tricked into disclosing personal or confidential information such as a username and password, social security number, date of birth, and/or credit card numbers. Although most phishing scams are received through a deceptive email message, they can also be in the form of a text or a phone call.

If you suspect you have received a phishing email, don’t fall for it! Instead, forward the message to, then click the “Report spam” button in your email to remove it from your inbox.

More information about how to recognize and avoid getting duped by phishers is available at the KnowledgeBase article,  Phishing Scams.

Activate Google 2-Step Authentication

It’s easier than you think for someone to steal your password. Google 2-Step Verification creates an additional layer of security that can help keep hackers out, so that even if someone steals your password they still need your phone or your personal Security Key to log in to your account.

We recommend that everyone activate Google 2-Step Verification on his/her DePauw account and here are some resources to help you get started:

3. Wireless Network Updates – DePauwSecure and DePauwGuest

This summer we began a campus-wide upgrade and expansion of the wireless (WiFi) network. Focusing first on student living units and the most popular student study spaces, by the start of classes new wireless equipment will be installed in several residence halls, Roy O. West Library, and the Julian Science and Math building. Following these changes, existing WiFi equipment will be reconfigured and redistributed to other areas to improve wireless reception in the most heavily used spaces on campus.

As a result of these updates, there are two wireless networks available on campus:

  • DePauwGuest is an open network provided for visitors to the University.
  • DePauwSecure is a private wireless for students and employees that provides enhanced security by encrypting data passed across the network.

Either of these networks will let you to connect to DePauw resources (e.g., printers, network drives, e-Services, etc.), but we encourage to you select DePauwSecure when you have the option.

More information is available at Wireless access on-campus and Wireless: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

If you plan to use wireless heavily in a classroom this fall (i.e., by asking students to bring their laptops to class or showing video clips from your own laptop, etc.), let us know by emailing and we can help you pre-test the space to ensure you will have optimal coverage.

4. Technology Classrooms Updates – Overhead Transparency Projectors and VCRs have been removed

Campus technology classrooms updates are ready. This summer, we replaced the existing teacher computers in classrooms; upgraded several digital projectors in the Peeler, Lilly, Julian, Green Center, and Reavis Stadium buildings; outfitted Peeler Auditorium with new high-definition projection; and expanded servers in the data center to improve graphics performance for applications such as Google Earth, GIS, and moving video in the technology classrooms and computing labs. As well, we developed a new prototype teacher workstation for Asbury Hall. This model is installed in four classrooms there, and throughout the year we will gather feedback from instructors to help guide the design of classrooms for the building’s future renovation.

In addition to equipment upgrades in classrooms, we conducted a general tidying up and removed the overhead transparency projectors and VCRs from all technology classrooms. If you need a transparency projector or a VCR for a class, we will gladly put one back in the room for the semester (or year, whichever best suits your needs), but this change will eliminate the clutter of unused equipment sitting in corners taking up space and gathering dust.

To request a transparency projector or a VCR for a classroom, please email with the room number and we will be at the ready to deliver it in time for the start of classes.

5.  About Windows 10 – Let it pass for now

The upgrade to Windows 10 recently became available for laptops and computers using Windows 7 and 8. Unfortunately, major upgrades like this, especially in the earliest releases, often create compatibility issues with enterprise-level networks because those other services need fine tuning to address changes introduced by the new system.

Our early review of Windows 10 with DePauw’s network and printers indicated that computers with fresh installs of Windows 10 are probably okay (that is, new “out-of-the-box” machines with Windows 10 installed). But we are still testing machines that have been upgraded to Windows 10 from an earlier Windows version.

At this point, then, we recommend that you do not upgrade to Windows 10 on an existing computer because you may encounter incompatibility or performance issues, particularly if you have an older machine.

We will provide follow up information about the status of Windows 10 on campus as we continue testing and learn more.

Have a great year!

DePauw Information Services Team - Summer 2015