e-Services accounts for upperclass students will have a new look beginning 4/29. #AnnounceIT

Beginning Wednesday, April 29th, e-Services accounts for upperclass students will have a new look, as shown below. This is the same look that first-year students have been using all year. It’s important to note that faculty and staff accounts will not change as part of this update.

The top section of student’s home page (labeled “A” in the image below) is for messages related to course registration and other timely academic events throughout the year. The messages section (“B” below) that is just below the messages section lists the student’s faculty advisor(s).
Image of student's home page
All of the familiar links and information that student’s use today will still be available through the e-Services menu, just by expanding the appropriate section (Academics, for example):

Image of student's home page expanded
For more details about your new e-Services home page, see the IT KnowledgeBase article at e-Services: Student home page overview.

Time is running out on the Class of 2013 DePauw IT accounts

Dear 2013 Graduates,

Google Apps email account will be deleted August 1, 2013

Once it is deleted, it is gone and you will not be able to retrieve any of your saved emails, calendar events, contacts, docs, or other information contained in that account. Learn how you can use the Google Mail Fetcher to migrate your DePauw email into another mail account before the account is deleted by browsing to https://support.google.com/mail/answer/21289?hl=en&from=21288&rd=1.

Connect with fellow DePauw alumni through the DePauw Gateway

Be on the lookout in July for your access information to register for the DePauw Gateway online community. When you receive this information, you’ll be able to set up your DePauw Gateway account, update your contact information, and search for and connect with fellow DePauw alumni. If you have questions, please contact the Alumni Engagement Office at alumnioffice@depauw.edu or (877) 658-2586.

DePauw Network account will expire on August 1, 2013.

If you have information in your class (I: drive) or personal (P: drive) folders, be sure to back them up before this date.

e-Services will expire on May 31, 2014

To request a transcript after this day, you may browse to the transcript ordering portal on the Registrar’s website at http://www.depauw.edu/academics/academic-resources/advising/registrar/transcripts/.

Please contact the HelpDesk at helpdesk@depauw.edu or (765) 658-4294 with questions concerning your IT accounts or the Alumni Engagement Office at alumnioffice@depauw.edu or (877) 658-2586 for questions concerning the Alumni Gateway.

On Nov 10, e-Services will have a new web address at http://my.DePauw.edu

Starting on November 10, e-Services will located be at a new address at http://my.depauw.edu

We are making this change in preparation for the redesigned University website launch later in the semester, and the new address should not result in any noticeable changes in e-Services for the campus community (besides the address change, of course!).

We’ll send another reminder and further details closer to November 10, but in the meantime if you have any questions or concerns about the change, please contact Adam Hughes, Director of Administrative Information Systems, adamhughes@depauw.edu.

e-Services & related systems will be unavailable during systems upgrade – March 18-22, 2011

System maintenance on the University core data systems is planned for March 18-22, 2011.

e-Services and several related systems will be unavailable during this period.

The following systems will be OFFLINE and UNAVAILABLE during
Friday, March 18, 6:30 pm — Wednesday, March 23, 8:00 am:

  • e-Services
  • Oracle e-Business Suite
  • ADMIN2 (Registrar applications)
  • TMA (Facilities Services)
  • Selected University web pages, including:
    • Alumni Gateway
    • Campus Directory (faculty, staff and students)
    • Campus Calendars
    • Alumni and Development Online Gifts portal
    • Event Registration portals (incl. Commencement, Alumni Reunion Weekend, DePauw Discourse, etc.)
    • Admission Application and Online Deposits pages for prospective students
    • Athletic Questionnaire for prospective students
    • Faculty members list (www.depauw.edu/admin/acadaffairs/faculty/faculty.asp)
    • Faculty email list utilities (www.depauw.edu/adam/acadaffairs/facemail)
    • Student Third-Party Access portal (for parents and others to view invoices, check students’ grades, etc.)
    • Academic department sites
    • University Catalog
    • Library Acquisitions Orders
  • iPhone App – Calendar & Directory offline. (News feeds, WGRE player & Athletic fees will not be affected.)
  • Titanium – Available for scheduling, but new clients will need to be entered manually
  • PowerFAIDS – System will be available, but batch interface jobs with e-Services will be disabled

The following systems will be ONLINE and not affected by the maintenance outage:

  • Google Apps – mail.depauw.edu
  • DePauw website – www.depauw.edu (excluding applications noted above)
  • Online Schedule of Classes (will be a static page)
  • Swipe card access to campus buildings
  • On & off campus food purchases using ID Card (CSGold & Micros)
  • Canon printer/copiers and campus network printers
  • Luna – luna.depauw.edu
  • ContentDM
  • Easy Proxy
  • DyKnow
  • Library Catalogs and Databases
  • Moodle – moodle.depauw.edu
  • Network drives (P,I,U, W)
  • Personal websites at academic.depauw.edu, dpuadweb.depauw.edu & studentweb.depauw.edu
  • OTG (Document Imaging)
  • VPN – remote.depauw.edu
  • WordPress – wordpress.depauw.edu

Why are we having this system outage?

During this maintenance, the Finance Office and Information Services are collaborating to complete an important major upgrade to Oracle e-Business Suite, moving from Release 11i to Release 12 (or “R12”). While most people on campus do not use e-Business Suite system directly, it is the core system that maintains the University financial and human resources databases.

After the upgrade is completed, it will introduce process changes for only those staff in the Finance and Human Resources offices who regularly use e-Business Suite and they have been directly involved in preparing for those changes. Otherwise, the upgrade should not result in any noticeable changes in e-Services for other faculty, staff or students. Thank you for your patience as we implement this important system upgrade.

This notice and any further updates/details will be available at the I.S. Blog: itnews.depauw.edu

If you have any questions, please contact Carol Smith.

Third-Party Access Is Now Available for Students

In partnership with the Registrar’s office, the Application Services Team recently rolled out a Third-Party Access system for students.

Third-Party Access is a convenient and secure system that enables students to share selected academic records with third parties (parents, employers, graduate schools, etc.) via a personalized online portal. In DePauw’s system, items that can be shared with a third party include the advising transcript, class schedules, billing statements, financial aid awards, and grade reports.

A student accesses the Third-Party Access portal by selecting the Third-Party Access link in e-Services. Within the Third-Party Access portal, you can create new accounts, view the access logs of existing accounts, update or deactivate existing accounts. To create a new account, you simply create a username and password for the account, identify the items that account should have access to, and then share the username, password, and account login page address ((https://www.depauw.edu/e/thirdparty) with your selected “third party.”

More info about Third-Party access is available at http://www.depauw.edu/admin/registrar/thirdparty.asp.